Winter 2023

Business & Culture

A Fully Virtual Practicum


Solve Problems, Build Skills—
Across Cultures

Register for BA 310 Cross Cultural Business—an exciting, action-learning course on international business cultures connecting you with your peers from Egypt, Libya and the USA. Problem-solve and collaborate in a global team environment.

This course is open to all majors at the University of Michigan, business students at the American University in Cairo and students in Libya. Capacity is limited.

The program will equip young people in the U.S. and MENA regions with the skills they need to communicate, problem-solve and collaborate in a global team environment—all essential 21st century skills in an interconnected world. Learn more about our impact here

The course is organized by the William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan. For more information, contact wdi-virtual@umich.edu.

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U-M Students

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for Winter 2023.

AUC Students

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Libyan Students

Undergraduate university students who live in Libya may apply online.

Students On Virtual Exchange

“You will make friendships with different people from different cultures and backgrounds from you, so you will face many problems and you will have to solve them to make your idea succeed, and this will help you in accepting and respecting others opinions, which will make a great impact on your life.”

—DiaaEldien Ahmed Abdalfatah Yousef Behary
Egyptian student

“Having the chance to work on a team, exchange ideas, and learn from your team members is a unique opportunity.”

—Mira Ruder-HookU-M student

“It is cool to see how the students go to class and look the same way, but I enjoy learning the differences between cultures at the root level.”

Karla Bell U-M Ross student

“The frameworks and the general mindset that is being taught in this course will definitely help me with my personal and professional path in a globalized world. It gave me confidence that I can interact with everyone around the globe on a personal and professional level.”

Eric Wagner U-M Ross exchange student

I enjoyed being in an environment that challenged my knowledge of cultures, something I have rarely willingly done for myself.

—Sage Chen
U-M Ross student

I have never had to work with students outside of my University, let alone outside of my country. The experience of working through a case with people who I have never met in person and whose culture is different from my own has been very exciting and challenging.

Agnieszka Zajac
U-M Ross student