By Kareem Boker, BYTE

Kareem Boker

I’m a business student at the Libyan International University (LUMI), majoring in finance and banking. I’m passionate about anything related to business, self-learning, and self-improvement in general. During the spring of 2019, I was in the middle of my semester and I saw the Business & Culture program being promoted. I decided to challenge myself by enrolling in the B&C program for the spring 2020 semester.

This program has been so beneficial for me. It gave me a great opportunity to meet new people from other cultures and other perspectives with whom I could share my thoughts. I had never worked with students from other countries before. It was a pleasure to work with my multinational team from Egypt, United States of America, and Lebanon. This course gave me a chance to present and improve my skills in front of more than a hundred students across the world and learn from them. The case study assignment was a competitive experience for me because this program emphasized how to understand multinational businesses from different countries, how to have a good awareness if you are running a business in a foreign country well, and how to look at the market in more than one way. 

The Business & Culture program contained more than 115 students with great minds, and we were kept learning and engaged even with a pandemic spreading. Different cultures, different perspectives, different time zones, under one sky, one objective, we are united. New challenges, new developments, new skills, new friends, new opportunities, all connected on one platform.