By Lubna Elgihani, BYTE

Lubna Elgihani

I am a business student at the Libyan International Medical University (LIMU). Being always interested in learning about other cultures, the Business & Culture practicum caught my attention, and I decided to take part in it through BYTE.

Due to Covid-19, however, we all participated virtually in the practicum. Learning under this unconventional format, we still managed to interact, communicate, and gain a lot of interesting new information! Meeting a lot of people from different backgrounds and from different cultures was such an amazing experience, especially when we shared information about our countries and learned of the stereotypes others had of us.

Another topic that I thought was really interesting and beneficial was “globalization” which Professor John Branch presented. In fact, the way it was presented and how everyone shared their opinions on the matter opened my eyes to the topic from a completely different point of view. Another valuable part of the program were the guest speakers who shared with us their experiences on various business matters.

To sum it all up, the B&C course was such a great opportunity and I am very grateful to have participated. I would recommend this program to other students as it will completely change the way you think about certain topics around culture.